Tuesday, 23 October 2012

C is for... Camden Town

C - Click, click, click - the sound of million camera shots that are constantly being taken.
A - Aromas to make even those of you who have just polished off lunch feeling hungry.
M - Market stalls galore
D - Dr. Martins - one of many amazing shop exteriors
E - Eclectic mix of fashion styles
N - Northern line transport link

T - Tattoo heaven, head down into the dungeon style shops for that impulse piece of artwork.
N - Never a boring afternoon out

All photographs are my own

B is for ....Borough Market

B - Boar fresh pasta with a choice of either, pesto, tomato or cream sauce, and of course topped with fresh Parmesan
O - Ostrich - produce of the week (w/c..22.10.2012)
R - Raspberry, strawberry, sweet chilli, to name a few of the homemade conserves
O - Other...for all those lovely traders that are too unique to fit into a category
U - Underground station...London Bridge
G - Green market...hosting a wide variety of smaller stalls
H - Hot dogs with onions and gherkins

M - Munchkin pumpkins...two day visit from Foxes farm produce in time for Halloween 
A - Artisans, selling produce deliciously created by hand
R - Recipes galore to experiment with
K - Kitchen demonstrations
E - EAT!!!! an absolute must here, do not turn up after lunch...you'll only eat again :)
T - Traders....the ones that make this possible!!!

Borough market, London Bridge

All photographs are my own

A is for ...Aqua Spirit

As posted a few weeks ago now (see attached link for initial post)....one of my favourite (although not visited enough now the weathers not 25 degrees) central bars


A - Amaretto
Q - Quinquina
U - Unique recipes, setting, atmosphere
A - Angostura bitters

S - Sex on the beach
P - Pastis
I - Island iced tea
R - Rum
I - Ice
T - Tequilla

Aqua Spirit, 5th floor, 240 Regent Street, London, 02074780540

Photograph my own

Coming soon.......

As I enter almost six months of my new life in London, hundreds of photographs, new favourite shops, places to eat/ drink I thought Id share the best bits with you all in the style of an A-Z...enjoy, its a work in progress!!!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Today Im wearing...14/oct/2012

Sunday/14/October 2012

Shorts...Levis, Shirt...Monki, Knit...H&M, Shoes...Camden, Jewellery...Forever 21 and Topshop, Belt...Topshop

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Literally autumn

Fish tank style displays sit adjacent to each other on the ground floor of the westfield Stratford centre 

What Im wearing today...7/Oct/2012


Shorts...levis, Jumper...H&M, Shirt...Topshop, Belt...Rokit, Hat...Topshop, Boot...Topshop

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Coat time :)

So coats are my thing...especially if they are 100% leather and have an All Saints label on them, or have a 'mod' feel about them and come in an array of colours, textures and lengths in Topshop, or if they have some ridiculous design feature such as an oversized bow that I know I wont wear again next season, or.....OK coats in general are just very 'me'!!! and every season I have the same old resolution that no I dont need a new winter coat, well in true fashion that same dilema has been thought about/ discussed and finalised when last weekend my parents came to visit laden down with around 6/7 coats!!!! but now Im begining to question that maybe the tweed boyfriend coat with detatchable fur collar in Topshop would look great with my new tartan trousers, or the burgundy (how very this season) leather jacket in All Saints is (like all my others) an investment....oh dear...it looks like I'll be purchasing one very soon :) :) Ill keep you posted.

What I wore today...6/oct/12

Saturday 6/October/2012...SHOPPING!!!!! Stratford westfield and Oxford circus

Shorts...Levis, Jumper...Topshop, Scarf...Topshop, Accessories...Topshop, Shoes...Topshop, Rucksack...Vintage